Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen Bhatkal’s alumni meet in Dubai

иконографияПравославни икониAnjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen is a trust which runs many educational institutions, right from kinder garden to engineering. There are about 20 institutions under its umbrella. It has been a boon for all Bhatkalis especially muslims. Most of these people including myself have studied at some point studied in one of the institutions.

In today’s rapid changing world and economies, its imperative that the educational institutions have to upgrade their offerings or they become obsolete. Today’s meet was to discuss these issues and get the feedback and the involvement of the younger literates of the Nawayath (Bhatkali Muslims) society.

The gathering was held at St. George Hotel in Deira. As usual it started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. I can’t recall the names of all speakers. Here are some of them.

  • Damda Hasan Shabbar
  • Jukaku Abdurrahim
  • Khalifa Mohammed Ghouse
  • edfaS.M. Syed Khaleel

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I particularly like listening to Mr. Khaleel’s intellectual speeches. What I like about it is that he doesn’t go away from the topic and doesn’t repeat the same rants.

The main purpose of the meet seems to be the lack of funds which Anjuman faces even for operations. They have an expansion plan which includes introducing MBA, M.Tech and BCA courses. For years, Anjuman has been able to cover expenses from generous donations from various Nawayaths and Non-Nawayaths. Mr. Khaleel suggested that everyone donates 2 percent of their income to Anjuman. For instance if somebody earns 20k a month, he would contribute about 5k a year. I am not sure how practical it is as I know people who earn similar salary but still unable to save enough. But as the old saying goes ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.

All this is good and fine, but is it really practical and a good strategy to sustain day-to-day operations of an institution? If our people can pay hefty fees for other schools, why not Anjuman? There would be a lot of opposition in the beginning, but there always is, no matter what you do. That shouldn’t stand in the path of progress. It might take a while for people to digest the fact that the institution which they have been taking for granted for decades cannot function without funds.

Secondly, the standard of education must be raised. All these discussions always end up in a circle. Anjuman says they don’t have funds to hire better qualified teachers and pay them well, and parents say the standard of education should be increased when the talk of increasing fees comes up. This can’t go on forever. Otherwise, the management will always be struggling to get funds via donations, which can never be a long term solution. I am sure people would donate even more if it was for developing the infrastructure and the overall standard.

A list of young Nawayath professionals was made to discuss (I am still not sure exactly what) issues. Thats a very positive development and I hope something good comes out of it and hope it doesn’t turn out to be another political gimmick.

And lastly as always with any of our functions, there has to be a group of people whose sole purpose is to mock and make fun of the speakers without considering the seriousness of the matter. These people come for the free food and should be sent away after being fed rather than let them disturb other people.

I would like to know your thoughts on these issues. If anybody is willing to blog about Bhatkal, please leave a comment.

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